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Properties listed in Residential College

Lincoln College

$474.50 / week

Single private room
40 weeks, from $474.50/week/person
Where you live while you study plays a big role in your university experience, getting your degree and ... Read More
Aquinas College

$411 to $484 / Week

Large Shared Room
40 weeks, from $411/Week/person
Air-conditioned/Ensuite Single Room
40 weeks, from $484/week/person
A Catholic residential college for tertiary students who are looking to reside in a fully catered stude... Read More
St Ann’s College

$14700 / year

Standard Room
30 weeks, from $14700/year/person

St Ann's College provides an inspiring environment where opportunities for education, broadly unders... Read More

Kathleen Lumley College

$231 to $357 / week

Category 1: Non-catered.
12 months, from $231/week/person
Category 2 Catered. Shared bathroom
12 months, from $273/week/person
Category 3: Catered. Most with ensuite
12 months, from $329/week/person
Kathleen Lumley College is the only dedicated postgraduate Residential College in South Australia. Whil... Read More